What if?

Given an earth with hate and hurt,
A world which lacks its Father’s axe,
Our home outside the sacred tome,
And land within the Devil’s hand-
My brothers fall and sisters weep,
Away from us, the angels sleep,
When lo by all are heard the cries
Of broken men who curse their eyes,
To hope we cling; our questions ring:
What if a lie we have been told,
And to believe in God is far too bold?
What if we lacked the certain chance
To stare upon His countenance?
What if denied in spats of pride
We to bend our coming end?

If such a question did exist,
Why does the proof of Him persist?
Then what if there had been no Savior
Born within the witnessed manger?
And what if prophets were not true,
Despite the future in their view?
And what of conscience, yet unscathed,
By no deity was it paved?
What of the body Bernadette,
Which fall away God has not let?
And what if demons, servants of hate,
Did not corrupt God’s children, late?

My mind knows truth is not to find;
It is my heart for which truth pines.
Let not the troubles of your life,
Obscure the wonder in our strife.
For God has called you unto Him,
And it is your duty to answer, faithfully. 

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