Waste Time with God, Don’t Waste God’s Time

Life is busy. Between school, work, meetings, and practices, we all have our own to-do list. Despite a busy schedule, I often find myself bored, just sitting in my room and wasting daylight. I want to do something, but what? Recently, I have found an answer. It’s simple: pray. 

There is so much more we could all be doing if we realize an opportunity when we have one. Every moment that we’re bored or have nothing to do, we have an opportunity to spend time with our Father and to listen to Him. Whether that’s reciting a prayer you learned when you were little, sharing your own words with God, or going on a prayer walk, it’s still a prayer. It’s your prayer. Wasting time being bored gets you nowhere. Spending your extra time in prayer, no matter how formal or how casual, brings you closer to God. He’s like a friend that never leaves your side, who’s there when you need Him, every minute of the day. You don’t even have to dial His number or drive somewhere to meet Him. He’s just there.

We spend hours studying for school and practicing skills for extracurriculars, which are all very important, but doesn’t the God that gave you life deserve just as much time? Succeeding in school or sports or band can give you a lot of opportunities, but God gives you the greatest opportunity: eternal life. It’s the ultimate prize we can get from living on this earth. How do we get that prize? By spending time with God and doing His work. Even if you don’t have a whole lot of free time, it only takes a moment to talk to God. He cherishes every moment you give Him, bringing you closer and closer to Him.

The time we have is limited and this life is precious. We have lots to do, but we often have nothing to do, too. Why would we waste that time being bored, when we can spend it with God? When He created you, He gave you a meaning. He gave you this time to make a difference. Don’t waste that time.

Spend it with Him.

Use it for Him.

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