Tears Erased (The Depth of My Love)

Dust, dust I would be,
Trampled and brushed across the earth,
‘Til Your breath would give me life.
An instant is what it encompassed,
To create each unique thumbprint into existence.

Love, love is what it means,
To give us freedom—
Only to be faithlessly betrayed.
Yet Your mercy remains boundless,
Amidst all Your tears from our constant detachment.

How can someone be above and outside of time,
But still, be so intimately involved within it?
How can someone so perfect and without wanting,
Bend to creation,
And be so sweet and dear to the lowliest and forsaken.

On and on we stride,
Breaking the only ever Heart,
That was totally and completely given.
Our selfish actions, hate, sin,
Thrust upon the Cross, His torn body freely accepted.

He took on our humanity, our pain,
And willingly bore it up to Calvery.
Not because He needed to,
But because He loves you,
And this is the way He chose to reach His beloved.

He thought of you,
During every thrash, taunt—every tear.
Every choice was burdened upon Him,
To be pinned to the splintered wood,
And cleansed by every fading pulse of His most Sacred Heart.

His gaze rests upon your trembling soul,
Comforting you to every last second,
From the guilt that placed Him on His blood-soaked tree.
Every last moment was spent on purpose—
Giving, loving, and forgiving your past, future, and present.

Would you lift the hammer to these nails,
Add a thorn to My twisted crown?
How much I desire to love you,
For you to be My beloved.
Will you still refuse?

Each tear I shed for you,
Every drop I bled out of love for you.
I gave it all—I gave up My life.
My bleeding heart pours out for you, for you are My beloved,
And I yearn for you to reach the depths of My love.

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