Oust the Stockade— Soar to Hope

A poem about a heart full of indifference and sin and the need to hope and forgiveness…

Blinding shadow of your conscience,
Every icy drop of conviction.
Suffocating this heart in crystal terror,
Beating it into shards of jagged despair.
Tearing, attacking, bringing down your neighbor,
Indifference— why such disrepair?

Knots of struggles, splinters, aches,
Which desperately fray until mended.
Pushing and rebounding on an unlocked door,
Urging clashes with my worn-out mistakes.
Following a dead pause comes the plummet,
The unknown wait before the decision.

The weights suddenly become too crushing,
The load too heavy to wait.
Compiled shame, faults, offenses—
Bending in your God-made soul.
These make up the cold boulder securely lodged in your heart,
The preventive wall to your freedom.

Cracks are revealed in this blockade,
And light starts streaming through.
A warm call to cave in and repent—
Collapse after this restless tide.
Don’t recall the lies… that you are unworthy and unloved,
Surrender— please just surrender all these tired charades.
Don’t wait to finally rest in His pardoning arms.

You are living life indifferent,
Of your actions, your friends, your soul.
You are letting its effects pile inside you,
Why do you choose not to reconstruct your ship?
God made your soul ever so precious and so loved,
So stop waiting to make room, and please invite Him back in.

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow,
Is only just a thought.
This thought holds no value,
If today always sails unspent.
Make most of today— living, loving, forgiving,
Before it all finally slips into the distance.

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