How to Choose a Confirmation Saint

Confirmation is an important part of our Catholic faith in which we officially decide to receive the Holy Spirit completely and continue to strengthen our relationship with God. Having a Confirmation saint is meant to give us a role model who lived a holy life on earth. Confirmation saints are like our own patron saints, and deciding which one to focus on during Confirmation preparation can be hard, especially since there are so many great choices!

So how should you choose your Confirmation saint? Well, there are many factors to consider, but ultimately it comes down to which saint you feel personally connected to. Looking at specific things about a saint can help you make that personal connection. Perhaps you are a sports enthusiast with a passion for Christ. In that case, you may find a connection to the patron saint of sports, St. Sebastian. If you love caring for animals, St. Francis, the patron of animals, may be a good model of faith for you. St. Catherine de’Vigri, the patron of art, might be a suitable choice for a young artist. Reflect on something that you are really passionate about; ponder on what shapes you and is a big part of your life. This could be service, teaching, music, or even baking. There may even be a certain country or illness you have a special connection to, or maybe a way of life you admire, such as a simplistic or joyful outlook. When you find an answer, research the patron saint of your passion and consider them as an option for your patron saint.

The purpose of a Confirmation saint is to provide a model life of someone ordinary living an extraordinary, holy life. Each saint has their own unique story of how they came to know the Lord’s love and how they served Him. These holy men and women are wonderful examples of answering God’s call and can be especially helpful to young confirmandi who are furthering their life with Christ. It is meaningful to choose a saint whose story you can relate to or that you find personally inspiring. Some saints, like Joan of Arc, led grand, heroic lives and died martyrs, while others, such as St. Bakhita, had simple lives in which their love for Christ would shine through forgiveness and caring for others. Each saint lived a faithful life. Whether it be by sacrificing their life or sacrificing time each day for the good of others, they all recognized the Lord in their lives and chose to follow the example of His Son. Researching different saints’ stories and reflecting on how you wish to live for Christ is a great start to choosing your Confirmation saint.

There are over ten thousand saints to choose from, each with a fascinating history. It may be overwhelming to choose just one from thousands, but any of these holy men and women would be a spectacular Confirmation saint. They all led incredible lives and are great examples of how anyone and everyone can live for the Lord. You cannot go wrong. The best thing to do is to reflect and pray. Pray much and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your decision.

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