Finding a Saint that Speaks to You

Choosing a Confirmation saint can seem like a very daunting task, especially since there are over 10,000 saints in the Catholic Church. Everyone always seems to have their own opinion on what saint you should choose, which can make it difficult to pick just one. In the end, though, choosing a saint is solely your decision; it’s about who speaks to you.

I chose Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born saint. Like most people, I had a big book of saints that I looked through to see who spoke to me. After a while of searching and not finding anyone, I saw Saint Elizabeth Ann, who immediately jumped out at me.

After seeing her name, I wanted to find out everything there was to know about her, so I headed over to Google and started to find out more. After doing my research, I found many interesting things about her, but what really stuck out to me was her ability to overcome obstacles. She married young and had six children. Around ten years later, her husband’s father died, leaving their family to care for his seven brothers and sisters. Afterward, they faced financial hardships and moved to Italy, where her husband died, leaving her with many kids to look after and no family, as both of her parents had also passed. Then she discovered the Catholic faith, returned to America, and helped to found the first free Catholic school in the country. She died a few years later at age forty-six and was only a Catholic for sixteen years.

Even through all of these hardships, she found God and followed His word. The fact that she overcame all of these obstacles and still came out on the other side as a better person is what makes me want to follow in her footsteps. Something that I strive to remember in life is that everyone has issues and everyone has to overcome something. I try to live this out both by not quickly judging people and by attempting to help them through their hardships. 

After I decided on Elizabeth Ann Seton, I began to see signs showing me that she was, in fact, the right saint for me. Even though she had done a lot for children and the Catholic Church, I had never heard of her before, but now I was seeing her everywhere. My grandparents had recently moved to a new church in Wisconsin, and when we got there we realized that it was named after her. My family immediately fell in love with the church. I also recently realized there is a church named after her only 30 minutes away from where I live. I have always been affiliated with children through the church, and the fact that she is “against the death of children” really hits home. I could never imagine going through her hardships, especially two of her daughters dying at a young age. Everyone has rough patches, and seeing her pick herself back up again really helps me get through mine. She is very open-minded and she always chooses to look on the bright side.

After a long wait to finally be confirmed due to the original date being pushed back, I finally had the chance to walk up to the priest and progress further in my faith. When he said my saint name, I immediately knew that Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton would help guide me through life.

Finding a saint can be a daunting task, but as you go through the process, you will find someone who stands out to you. In my case, it was a saint who I aspired to be. But, no matter who you choose, remind yourself to be a little more like them every day.

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