Fathomless Love (Forever and Always)

Why are you afraid—so downhearted?
Do you not know who made you?
Who fashioned and sculpted you out of nothing?
Who knows every strand of hair on your head,
Every hue of your being?

I have chosen you,
Adopted you as my own—nestled you close to my heart.
I am with you always,
In your joys, in your pains,
In your lonely frustrations.

Why do you tremble?
Shaking beneath the worries of time around you?
Be not anxious of what is before you—
Of what is behind you.
I hold you.

I hold your future—
I hold your past.
Your sweetest memories, painful regrets,
Hopeful dreams—
Lay them upon Me.

Why do you hesitate to trust?
Have I ever let you down,
Ever warranted your disbelief?
He who feeds you with lies and fills you with fear,
He does not know you.

I know you.
Every chime of your laughter,
To every conviction in your actions.
You are not the person you tell yourself you are—
Named by guilt, sin, and brokenness.

Why do you not see yourself as I see you?
Why do you look for love, when I am right here?
Do you believe in Me as I believe in you?
I will never forsake you—
Please trust in Me.

I love you completely.
From every thump of your heart,
To every gleam in your eye.
I am devoted to you—call you by name.
I love you forever and always.

2 thoughts on “Fathomless Love (Forever and Always)”

  1. Beautiful and inspiring, Marie. Please make a copy of it for me because I no longer have a copier. I’ll get it the next time I see you. I’m glad you enjoyed the peace and quiet of your home though I did miss you last week. You are also in my daily morning prayers, and “then some”. Love you…………

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it, Nana! I’ll be sure to bring it along the next time we visit. Thank you for your prayers; you are in mine also. Love you and miss you!

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