Calming your Confirmation Concerns

Confirmation is an important milestone for Catholic teens, and if you’re a Catholic teenager, most of your parish will expect you to get confirmed. That being said, some people might have doubts or second thoughts — and I’m here to reassure you that that’s okay.

I was very unsure about getting Confirmed. I kept thinking to myself, “What if one day I decide to leave the Church? I would be breaking the promise to stay in the Church that I made during my Confirmation.”

Confirmation is when we are fully accepted into the Church; we become spiritual adults. It is no longer our parents’ sole responsibility to get us to Mass. This is what scared me — I wasn’t sure I was ready for that much of a commitment. At that point, I didn’t fully feel like my faith was my own. My parents were responsible for it, not me.

The sacrament of Confirmation is about more than just taking responsibility for our own faith. It is also the third and final Sacrament of Initiation, the capstone of the other two Sacraments of Initiation — Baptism and First Communion.

In Baptism, you receive God the Father, the first part of the Holy Trinity. Our original sin is removed, and our parents promise to raise us in the Catholic Church. As children, we have our parents and godparents who can help guide us in our first years as a Catholic.

In First Communion, we receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the second part of the Holy Trinity. This is the most practiced, tangible, and visible sacrament. We get to physically receive the Body and Blood of Christ every day if we so choose.

In Confirmation, as you may have guessed, we receive the third part of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit! This beautiful sacrament bestows on us the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit — wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. We fully become a member of the church and have the entirety of the Holy Trinity to back us up. It is as if the final piece of the puzzle slips into place.

Upon receiving the Holy Spirit and its gifts, I didn’t feel an instant change, nor was I instantly convinced that I had made the right choice. However, I eventually realized that I had definitely made the right choice and that the Sacrament of Confirmation had helped me grow in my spiritual life. The completion of the Trinity and reception of the Holy Spirit guided me in the right direction and allowed me to face my doubts with knowledge, wisdom, and the other gifts I have received. In time, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit I received in Confirmation moved me to feel unstoppable and on fire for God.

We only receive Confirmation once, which sometimes makes us feel like we’re still missing that one piece of the puzzle — we forget that we have the entire Holy Trinity on our side. Unlike the Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist, we don’t have a daily or weekly sacramental reminder of our Confirmation — making it even easier to forget, and even more important to remember. How can we remind ourselves of this profound sacrament? Personally, I always wear a medal of my Confirmation saint on a necklace, which reminds me to aspire to sainthood. I also have a bracelet with the Holy Spirit. Both objects serve as a reminder, every single day, that the Holy Spirit rests within me.

I encourage you to find a way and something that works for you, to remind yourself every day of not only the promise you made but also that the Holy Spirit is always within you.

If you have a certain way you like to remember your Confirmation, comment down below! I would love to hear your stories and ideas!

I am praying for all of you and your journey in the faith! God bless!