Beautiful, Fallen Companions (John 15:12-13)

Last week I endured your surprised reaction. 
Last month you questioned all my gifts in action. 
Yearly, I tolerate dissatisfaction— 
Indifference toward my broken being.

Why do we mentally highlight,
Every defect, every hurt individuality?
Why are you unable to open your eyes to me,
As I am and understand that?

I see both our faults and weaknesses,
And know we are at different stages on this path.
I plea for you to meet me where I am at,
As I strive to meet you at your every step.

I see you struggle against those around you,
The expectations swirling subconsciously in your head.
But I also see your thoughtfulness, sincere kindness,
The you that sparks smiles wherever you tread.

You walk with a purpose,
And speak with pure conviction.
Yet you often hide what sparks that,
The sweet heart that mends many cracks.

I wonder what it would be like,
To know you before the Fall.
I would finally see you eye to eye,
And know the you stored deep in a vault.

Will you please forgive me,
For all my harsh judgments—misconceptions
I’m sorry for my distrust, my unwillingness to be hurt,
In order to love you the way you deserve. 

Please believe me, my dear friend,
That I am trying—
Trying to know you, to care about the things you care about,
To look past what causes my heart to tear.

This is our broken friendship,
Wrestling, hoping, trusting.
Pray that I will never stop trying to reach you,
And knowing that God is the bridge in the end.

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