Who in the world says “we appreciate”? We do, as a substitute for “we understand!” We do this because:

  1. We know how annoying it is for someone on the Internet whom you have never met to say “I understand” when it comes to your own, unique struggles.
  2. It’s more crucial to be able to step back and appreciate someone’s situation than it is to simply understand it. Empathy is everything.

Therefore, we appreciate your situation to the fullest extent and we want to help you with it. Whether you have undergone a tragic loss, or you are having trouble with your faith in any way, or you just need some good old-fashioned Internet-style motivation, we’ll be here for you <3.

If you or someone you know needs prayers for any reason, feel free to send us your prayer requests at prayerrequests@inflamecatholic.org. We’ll post a list of all the prayer requests we receive every once in a while. If you want your prayer request to stay private, just let us know in the email!