INFLAME Catholic was started in 2019 and restarted in 2020 by a small group of inspired teenagers who met on retreat at Marian University. On the retreat, we were expected to draft mission plans, which we would enact when we returned home in order to better our communities. INFLAME is the result of one of those mission plans.

The name “INFLAME” itself comes from the Pentecost story, in which the Disciples were set on fire by the Holy Spirit, thus given the holy courage and the ability to spread God’s Word. Now we, the twenty dedicated, inspired, young people working on INFLAME Catholic, aspire to set you, too, on fire.

But not in a violent, arson-y way. We want to set you on fire in a spiritual way, to inspire you to become willing instruments of God and to bring you one step closer to fulfilling a saintly life.